1. Form a tripod by placing back of head into clasped hands with the elbows out to the side for support and balance.


2. Walk the feet up to the body and when you feel balanced raise the legs vertically.

This should be done close to a wall to prevent you from falling over backwards.

Or, a partner can assist you until you are able to go up and down slowly, steadily

and well balanced.


OBJECT: To balance so the body and legs are vertical.


HOLDING TIME: Stay in the headstand for as long as it takes you to normally breath in and out 10 -12 times.


REPEATING: Repeat 2 times.


RESTING: Slowly come down and stand up very slowly then rotate the neck very slowly either from side to side and then up and down or in a circular motion. Rotate the neck 5 - 6 times then repeat or go on to the next step.




This postures increases bloodflow to the pituitary and the pineal glands.

It helps nervousness, pyorrhoea, hysteria, dizziness, backpain, constipation, diorrhoea, spleen and










Tapen Sinha